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Are you looking for Clutche Replacement for your vehicle?

Are you looking for workshops that offer professional clutch repair Coventry?

Visit Xross Road Tyres today.

We are a trusted automobile workshop with a dynamic team of highly-experienced technicians adept at conducting prompt clutch inspections and servicing.

With the use of advanced tools, these professionals can perform a full examination of the clutch assembly and provide quick and reliable replacements.

Therefore, make your appointment immediately if you have issues with the gears.

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Symptoms of a malfunctioning clutch

A damaged clutch assembly can lead to the following issues:

Clutch slippage

Clutch slippage is one of the tell-tale signs of a damaged clutch assembly. It reduces acceleration due to damaged pressure plates, broken motor mount or faulty linkages.

Juddering on the clutch pedal

Sudden and strange juddering of the clutch pedal indicates a reduced clutch disk grip on the flywheel. Neglecting this problem for a long time can substantially compromise your driving safety.

Burning smell

Do you sense a burning odour from your car like that of burnt rubber?

It can indicate that the clutch is overheating and the clutch plate is wearing. It can happen due to frequently driving in slow-moving traffic. Come to us for professional checks and replacement solutions.

Stuttering clutch

If the clutch pedal does not return to the original position after disengaging, it can indicate the bindings and linkage bearing are faulty. Seek our expert help for detailed inspection and servicing.

If you witness such signs, come to us for professional clutch checks.

Why visit us?

During our clutch replacement Coventry, we first inspect the following parts:

  • Flywheel
  • Clutch disc
  • Clutch fork
  • Cables
  • Clutch fluid and more

It will help find the crux of the issue and decide the right course of action. Moreover, we stock several OE-grade parts. It helps us provide reliable services of clutch replacement Coventry.

Note: Clutch components are high-risk repair.

In addition, we maintain complete transparency about our service charges.

So, end your search for ‘clutch repair Coventry’ with us.

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