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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment Coventry for your vehicle?

If your ‘wheel alignment garage near me’ searches have brought you here, you have landed on the right page!

Cross Road MOT and Tyres offers comprehensive services of wheel alignment Coventry for different categories of vehicles at affordable rates.

Our professionals have years of experience conducting wheel alignment checks for numerous vehicle makes. As a result, they have complete knowledge of the wheel re-alignment procedure and can guarantee accurate results.

We also have state-of-the-art aligners that increase the effectiveness of our service.

Signs of disturbed wheel alignment

Following are some of the most obvious signs that your car's wheels are not aligned correctly:

Vibrations on the steering wheel

Steering wheels vibrate strangely when the caster angle is off. It can negatively impact car handling and steering response.

Inconsistent tread wear

Examine your tyres thoroughly. Wheel misalignment may lead to uneven tyre wear.

Some tyres wear out more quickly when wheels are out of alignment. Visit our wheel alignment workshop as soon as possible.

Car pulling to one side

Do you find maintaining a straight line while driving your car challenging? Does it veer and swerve to the sides? It may be an early warning that the wheels on your car need immediate alignment checks.

You can visit our professional facility to have your car wheels aligned if you experience any of these signs.

Why come to us?

When you come to us for wheel alignment checks, we will first check the three wheel angles:


Camber angle is the alignment between your car's vertical axis and its wheels. When viewed from the front, it is your tyres' inward or outward tilt.


Caster angle is the angle of a car's steering axis and the vertical axis. When viewed from the side, this angle indicates how close or farther away your car's steering axis is from the vertical axis of its wheels.


The angle between your car wheels and the longitudinal axis is the toe angle. When viewed from above, the toe angle is the direction in which the tyres point with respect to the vehicle's centreline.

After completing the wheel alignment check Coventry, our experts will identify the extent of deviation in the wheel angles from the original specifications. After finishing the wheel alignment inspection, we will perform additional tyre and wheel-related tests to ensure your car's wheel assembly is optimally functioning.

Sounds good?

Then, please schedule an appointment for wheel alignment Coventry with us today.

For more information, call us on 02476 016672 or visit us at Unit 5 Cross Rd Ind Est, 31 Cross Rd, Coventry CV6 5GR.

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