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Are you looking for Car Air Conditioning Service for your vehicle?

Do you feel that the cooling capacity of your car's AC has dropped lately?

Make sure to get it checked by the experts of Cross Road MOT and Tyres.

We offer a comprehensive car air conditioning service Coventry using state-of-the-art equipment.

Additionally, our technicians will quickly and effectively repair or replace any malfunctioning AC components in your car, following industry-best standards.

Do note that our service fees are reasonable and completely transparent.

Air con function

The air conditioner system does more than provide cooling. Here are some of the other roles of a car AC:

  • Prevents accumulations of dust and dirt moulds inside the car
  • Regulates humidity level in the cabin
  • Ensures a healthy cabin atmosphere

Therefore, you should not forget to get routine air conditioning servicing Coventry from reputable workshops like ours.

Signs of a faulty car AC system

You will notice the warning indications listed below if your car's air conditioning system is not operating at its peak performance:

  • The AC is blowing hot air
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Increased water condensation on the windows, floorboard, windscreen, etc.
  • Pungent odour inside the cabin
  • The AC is making a rattling noise

If you experience these symptoms, come to us for a thorough air-conditioning check. Delaying will only aggravate the damage to the AC components and result in high repair costs.

Why choose us?

You can rely on us for dependable and accurate car air conditioning service Coventry.

First, our technicians will examine all of the components of your car's air conditioning system, including:

  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Thermal expansion valve
  • Receiver or accumulator
  • Compressor

After the inspection is complete, they will look for the underlying causes of the current problems.

Next, they will provide you with an immediate quote and the appropriate course of action.

Do note that repairing damaged AC parts is not safe.

As a result, we always favour providing air conditioning replacements Coventry. Our specialists use OE-grade parts to repair the damaged AC component for maximum safety.

We also examine your car’s AC refrigerant level. Depending on the model of your vehicle, we will top it off with R134a or R1234yf gas if it is not within the recommended level.

So, hurry up!

Book an appointment for car air conditioning service Coventry today.

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