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If you are planning to purchase tyres Coventry, you must buy the correct size to experience optimal driving control, comfort and safety.

Tyre size is an alpha-numeric code embossed on a tyre’s sidewall that gives essential information regarding the tyre.

However, decoding this code might be tricky for some. Considering this, you should visit Cross Road MOT and Tyres. We host a team of tyre experts who can explain this alpha-numeric code efficiently and guide you in purchasing an appropriate model for your vehicle.

Decoding tyre size

To understand better, let’s consider the following tyre size: 205/55 R16 91V.

Here are the following components of a tyre size:

205: This is a tyre’s width expressed in millimetres.

55: The number 55 denotes the aspect ratio. It is the height of the tyre sidewall in percentage to its width. Here, this tyre sidewall is 55% of its width.

R: It indicates the model’s construction. R stands for Radial construction. Some other construction types are B which stands for Bias-ply, and D, which denotes a Diagonal construction.

16: This denotes the wheel’s diameter in inches.

V: This is the speed rating. It ranges from A to Z; for this tyre, it is V and stands for a maximum speed of 149mph.

91: It represents the tyre load index, indicating the maximum weight a tyre can withstand when inflated optimally.

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