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Are you looking for Free Health Check for your vehicle?

Routine vehicle checks from a reliable workshop help you experience smooth driving and avoid sudden breakdowns. If you do not get timely car health checks, your vehicle might break down due to flat batteries, damaged tyres, brake failure, etc.

Therefore, reach our professionals from Cross Road MOT and Tyres for free vehicle free health check Coventry. We host a team of highly experienced technicians who offer health checks for a range of vehicle makes and models. They have significant experience in this field and are adept at using the advanced tools necessary for prompt services of efficient car health checks.

Do you know the best part?

You can get this service free of cost from our workshop!

Checks involved

Our technicians provide a comprehensive inspection of the following vehicle components:

Battery: We inspect your car battery and charging system’s condition to ensure your vehicle starts smoothly without interruption. A well-functioning battery also ensures the smooth functioning of all electrical components.

Tyres: Our technicians check your car tyres’ overall condition, tread depth and tyre pressure.

Coolant and anti-freeze: We inspect your vehicle’s coolant and anti-freeze levels.

Wiper blades: Our team checks the wiper blades for splits, cracks or mechanical damages.

Windscreen washer system: We check the windscreen washer’s level and top it up if necessary.

Light bulbs: Our technicians will check your vehicle’s light bulbs to ensure seamless operation.

After a thorough inspection, we will provide you with a report on your vehicle’s condition.

Vehicle health check results

When you opt for a car free health check Coventry from us, we present a detailed report explaining whether or not you need to take some action. Each component examined is denoted as either:

Green: This means you do not need to take any action.

Amber: If your vehicle health check report shows this result, you might require consulting with experts.

Red: Such a report means your vehicle needs immediate professional attention.

Why choose us?

Wondering why to visit us for vehicle health checks?

Here’s why:

  • Our health check services are complimentary.
  • We house advanced equipment and tools for a thorough safety inspection of your car.
  • Our technicians have experience conducting necessary health checks.
  • If your vehicle health check results are unsatisfactory, you can get affordable repair and replacement services from us.

Impressive, isn’t it?

So, look no more for ‘free vehicle free health check Coventry’ and call us on 02476 016672 instead.

You can also drive down to Unit 5 Cross Rd Ind Est, 31 Cross Rd, Coventry CV6 5GR.

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