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Are you looking for Timing Belt Change for your vehicle?

Do you notice any oil leak near the car motor?

It is indicative of a faulty timing belt.

Address this issue from a reliable workshop like Xross Road Tyres.

Why choose us?

We provide affordable timing belt change Coventry using advanced tools and industry-best standards for prompt solutions and accurate results.

Furthermore, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and use only OE-grade spares for various makes and models.

Importance of timing belt check

The timing belt ensures proper synchronisation of the crankshaft and camshaft rotation, allowing the engine valves to open and close at appropriate times and maintaining a steady flow of fuel.

The valve and piston can clash about 200 times per minute when the timing belt is worn-out or damaged, which affects engine performance and frequently results in a breakdown.

Therefore, we advise car owners to choose a routine timing belt inspection Coventry from us. It will help you have an uncompromised driving experience and engine performance.

When should you opt for a timing belt check?

A timing belt should ideally last between 40,000 and 100,000 kilometres. But depending on the brand and model of the car, this figure could change.

The timing belt might also break or wear out earlier than expected owing to harsh driving or poor vehicle maintenance. If so, your car will exhibit several tell-tale signs, such as:

  • Odd rattling noise from the engine
  • Engine misfires
  • Car fails to start or false ignition
  • Illuminated check engine light on the dashboard
  • Inconsistent power or rough idling, etc.

If you notice any symptoms, come to us for a detailed timing belt check Coventry without second thoughts!

About our timing belt checks

We are proficient at replacing timing belts Coventry and have years of hands-on experience in this field.

During a thorough timing belt inspection, our experts will thoroughly review the condition of the timing belt.

Depending on this assessment, they recommend either of the two:

  • a. Crankshaft assessment and realignment
  • .b Timing belt replacement

Note: To ensure the highest levels of safety and avoid the problem from happening again in the future, we will only use OE-grade parts.

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