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Are you looking for Car Battery Coventry for your vehicle?

The batteries need to function with peak efficiency to guarantee your car engine starts without any lag or glitch and that all electrical components operate smoothly.

Auto experts advise car owners to opt for a routine battery inspection. If you are looking for professional car battery Coventry at affordable rates, visit Cross Road MOT and Tyres.

Our team conducts thorough battery checks and replacements for various makes and models. Additionally, our battery repair and replacement charges are affordable. So, come down to Unit 5 Cross Rd Ind Est, 31 Cross Rd, Coventry CV6 5GR to end your search for ‘car battery replacement Coventry’.

Warning signs of a faulty battery system

You will notice the following warning signals if your car batteries have some underlying issues:

Bloated battery case

As faulty car batteries tend to overheat, the battery case swells up under the impact of high temperatures. Contact us for professional servicing at reasonable rates.

Slow engine crank

Defective batteries might cause the engine to crank slowly and make it difficult to start the vehicle.

Dim headlights

Car batteries power several electrical components. If the headlights on your vehicle seem to be dim lately, it indicates that the batteries may not be supplying enough electricity.

Obnoxious stench

You will get a strong sulphurous odour whenever you open the car bonnet. It could be due to leaks in the battery system.

If you experience any of these symptoms, we highly recommend you opt for a detailed car battery replacement Coventry service from us.

Why choose us?

We will thoroughly inspect every component of car batteries during our battery servicing, including:

  • Wires
  • Cables
  • Terminals
  • Battery Fluid
  • Charging system etc

It will help us identify the crux of the issue and understand the best course of action. We offer OE-grade replacements. So, in case the battery is on the verge of depletion, you can have it replaced by us.

You can choose to get professional guidance in selecting the suitable battery model that fits your budget.

Sounds good?

To find out more about Car Battery Coventry, call us on 02476 016672.

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