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Are you looking for exhaust repair for your vehicle?

Faulty car exhaust and transmission systems can reduce vehicular performance and MOT failure. Your vehicle needs proper servicing from a reliable workshop to avoid such consequences.

Cross Road MOT and Tyres is one such reputed vehicle service centre offering professional exhaust repair Coventry. Our in-house experts possess in-depth knowledge of car exhaust components and gearboxes. Additionally, they provide exhaust engine and gearbox services for most car makes and models.

So, if you expect prompt and quick servicing for your car’s exhaust engine and gearbox, consider reaching us at 02476 016672.

Note: We stock OE-grade components to facilitate reliable replacements.

Importance of exhaust and transmission system

Your vehicle’s exhaust converts harmful emissions generated during engine combustion into less hazardous pollutants. It channels out the toxic products to ensure safe and smooth rides. However, due to several reasons, this system can malfunction and fail to filter out harmful gases. For instance, the catalytic converter in an exhaust system can get clogged, resulting in engine misfires.

To eliminate such issues, you should opt for timely exhaust repair Coventry.

Similarly, the transmission system is also a crucial vehicle component. It multiplies the engine torque of a vehicle to usable power that rotates the wheels at different gear ratios. With time, the transmission fluid inside the system can fall below its recommended level. Resultantly, you might struggle with switching gears while driving.

So, you should visit us for a gearbox servicing Coventry and get the necessary servicing at the earliest to enjoy smooth driving.

When to opt for an exhaust engine and gearbox servicing?

Here are some warning signs to look for before visiting us for a routine car exhaust and transmission check:

  • You will notice a sharp drop in fuel efficiency if your car’s exhaust engine malfunctions. A faulty exhaust system requires more fuel to perform optimally.
  • As a failing exhaust system in your car cannot filter out toxic gases, you will get an obnoxious smell from your car’s cabin. You should not delay after noticing such a symptom because these gases directly affect your health.
  • You can experience grinding or shaking while shifting car gears. In such a situation, you should rely on experts like us for proper gearbox servicing.

Are you noticing these symptoms?

Then, do not search any further for ‘exhaust repair Coventry’ and visit us.

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